Bladder Problems - Action Physical Therapy
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Bladder Problems

If your issue is urgent, schedule an appointment immediately!


You suffer from frequent urination (more than 7 times a day)

Have sudden urgency to urinate and are afraid that you will not make it to the bathroom

Have leakage with coughing, sneezing and exercising

You wear pads and want to get rid of them

Take medications for incontinence and they are giving you side effects (and yes, they are expensive)

You have tried Kegel exercises and they did not help

Date: Please call for the date of the workshop you are interested in!

Where: Action Physical Therapy, 3443 Huntingdon Pike, suite 2, Huntindon Valley, PA 19006

What you will learn:

The TWO MAJOR PROBLEMS with the pelvic muscles that lead to urinary incontinence/frequency/urgency

How diet can affect your bladder and why certain foods that are considered super healthy may not be good for you

How to test your own pelvic muscle strength

The biggest mistale that women make resulting in having to take medications, wearing more pads and possible getting surgery

Three things you can do to get rid of your leaking and get back to normal

Seating is limited. Please call (215) 947-3443