Action Physical Therapy | Parkinson’s Program
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Parkinson’s Program

Don’t let Parkinson’s slow you down.

Fun and innovative balance training program combining the latest physical therapy techniques, music, and dance therapy classes. Improve your posture, balance, and coordination – all while having fun.

Dance Therapy Benefits for Patients with Parkinson’s

Improved balance and gait function *

Improved quality of life

More enjoyable than traditional exercises

Early intervention may be key to improving and preserving function

Cardiovascular benefits equal to treadmill training **

Enhance social support networks

Increased motivation to exercise

Decreased frequency of balance loss and falls

*Those who dance tango show greater improvements in balance and walking than traditional exercise groups.
**According to published studies on the effects of Waltz for patients with Parkinson’s.

About the Program

This program was developed by Alina Fish, PT, who gained her experience at the world renowned Movement Disorder Center with Dr. Howard Hurtig. By combining her background in ballroom dancing, with years of experience treating Parkinson’s patients, she witnessed the benefits of using music and dance elements within traditional physical therapy.

This program is beneficial to people with all stages of Parkinson’s. For more information, please call our office at 215-947-3443.

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