A Review Of Physical Therapy Tactics For Common Injuries In Sports

In our last post, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions about physical therapy and sports–related injuries. Now, we’re going to take a closer look at the specific components of physical therapy programs for several common injuries in sports to give you a better sense of what to expect if you’re considering treatment. […]

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Physical Therapy is the Safest Way to Recovery After An Injury

As we explained in our last post, there are several steps you can take and training habits you can change that will reduce your odds for suffering an injury in your sport. But even if an athlete closely follows all these steps and takes every preventive measure imaginable, injuries can still happen. Sports are simply […]

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Staying Fit Year-Round May Reduce Risk of Sports-Related Injuries

Regardless of an athlete’s age, sport, fitness level, or years of experience, some risk for injury will always exist. In general, the more contact and cutting movements that are involved in the sport, the higher the risk for acute-or traumatic-injuries. This explains why some of the highest rates of injury are found in basketball and […]

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The 5 Most Common Sports-Related Injuries

Sports have the power to bring athletes-and their fans-to the highest of highs, as well as the lowest of lows. The highs usually include achieving an optimal fitness level, performing well on a consistent basis, and winning lots of games, matches, or races. The lows can include just about anything that prevents an athlete or […]
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Reviewing National Physical Therapy Month: Other Injuries And Disorder

October is a special month for our profession, as it marks the annual National Physical Therapy Month campaign. All month long, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants around the country work to boost public awareness about physical therapy by explaining what the profession entails and how it can significantly improve patients’ lives. To this end, […]

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Reviewing National Physical Therapy Month: Knee, Ankle, And Foot

This October, we're celebrating National Physical Therapy Month once again. The national campaign, which has been held annually since 1981, is meant to increase public awareness about physical therapy and to highlight the various ways in which the lives of current and prospective patients can improve from treatment. We fully support these efforts and we're […]

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Reviewing National Physical Therapy Month: Shoulder, Elbow, And Wrist

October is National Physical Therapy Month, an annual campaign that’s intended to increase public awareness about physical therapy and highlight the multitude of ways that patients’ lives can improve from treatment. To do our part in spreading the word and working towards these goals, we’re providing a detailed review of the wide range of conditions […]
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Education Should Also Play A Significant Role in Fall Prevention

It should be clear by now that falls are a major problem in the elderly community. And as we’ve shown, active, exercise–based prevention programs are one of the most beneficial ways to help at–risk adults avoid falls by improving areas like strength, balance, and flexibility. But in addition to exercise, another important part of any […]

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