Myofascial Pain Syndrome Can Lead To Chronic Neck Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome and dysfunction of the muscles that support the upper spine and shoulders can lead to a variety of symptoms in these regions, including neck pain. The reasons neck pain develops are complex and often difficult to pinpoint, but research has shown that posture and muscle activation patterns are potential risk factors. Patients […]

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Hands-On Techniques Can Help Patients With Myofascial Pain Syndrome

As we’ve explained, myofascial pain syndrome is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions, with up to 85% of the population likely to be affected by it at some point. If symptoms arise—which are most likely to be noticed in the mid‐to‐upper spine—it can have a range of negative repercussions, including decreased work capacity, impaired […]

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Physical Therapy Leads To Both Direct & Indirect Benefits

In our last post, we summarized a meta–analysis that investigated the use of spinal manipulation and found ample evidence from numerous studies that it was effective for chronic low back pain. But spinal manipulation is just one of many interventions that may be used during physical therapy, as all treatment plans are comprehensive and comprised […]

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Hands-On Therapy Technique Is Just As Effective For Low Back Pain

As we explained in our first post, physical therapy is strongly recommended as one of the best treatments for most causes of low back pain, and there’s an abundance of research showing that it leads to a variety of improvements. One intervention physical therapists commonly use to treat low back pain is spinal manipulation, a […]

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Our Top 4 Exercises For Low Back Pain

If you have low back pain, you’re far from alone. Tens of millions of Americans are affected by it, some of which are only bothered by it occasionally and others who are burdened on a nearly constant basis. Regardless of where you fall along this spectrum, there’s a strong chance you’ve probably searched for remedies […]

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Most Back Pain Can Be Treated By A Physical Therapist

Low back pain is incredibly common. Nearly one–half of all working Americans notice painful symptoms in the lower back at least once each year, and roughly 31 million individuals are affected by it at any given point in time. Thus, low back pain is essentially just a part of life and something that most of […]

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Physical Therapy Can Give Patients Better Results After Surgery

Physical therapy frequently produces notable and lasting improvements that allow patients to lead more mobile lives and participate in activities that they were once unable to complete. As such, it can also help reduce the need for opioids and other pain medications and help patients avoid surgery. But surgery remains an extremely common intervention that […]

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Physical Therapy Can Reduce Medications For Hip Osteoarthritis

As we discussed in our first post, physical therapy is the best option available for the vast majority of hip pain cases because it empowers patients to regain their lost abilities with their own targeted movements. There’s also large and growing body of evidence that supports physical therapy as a safe and effective intervention for […]

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