Hip Physical Therapy Near You in Huntingdon Valley
Diastasis Recti (ab separation) is common after pregnancy and it responds well to physical therapy. Our therapist will examine the depth, the width and the length of the diastasis recti and check core strength, posture, breathing and movement patterns and more. Call (215) 947-3443 for help.
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Hip Physical Therapy Huntingdon Valley Pa

The hip may seem like a simple joint, but it is actually a very complex ball and socket joint that moves in many directions.


There are muscles that attach the legs to the pelvis and to your low back and even muscles traveling from the hip to the knee.


And between all of these muscles and inside the joint we have ligaments, tendons, bursas, nerves, and blood vessels! No wonder hip pain is common, yet debilitating.


But don’t worry, there are Physical Therapists trained to help. In fact, Hip Physical Therapy is one of the best treatment options for your pain and limitations.

Physical Therapy Can Treat Various Hip Conditions


Hip pain can come on for several different reasons. From accidents or injuries, from a systemic disease or chronic inflammation, or from repetitive stress over time.

Some common causes of hip pain treated by Physical Therapy are:

Arthritic conditions

Such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or degenerative joint disease.

Total Hip Replacement

Physical Therapy can begin before surgery to help improve outcomes and then resume after surgery to help you heal properly.

Femoroacetabular impingement

More commonly known as hip impingement syndrome.


When the hip joint is overstretched, moves too much, or is not strong enough for you to use properly.

Labral tears

A tear of the labrum inside of your joint which can also lead to impingement syndrome or instability of the hip.


Inflammation of fluid filled sacs that help to make movement of the hip smooth. Trochanteric bursitis is one of the most common, however, bursas are found all over the hip joint!


Inflammation of tendons of the hip joint. This can happen to any tendon, but is common in the hip flexor tendon.

Hip fracture

Fractures can occur at any point along the femur or pelvis, greatly affecting the hip and how you can walk and move around. Sometimes surgery is needed to stabilize the fracture. But whether you have surgery or not, Physical Therapy will help you to gain your strength, mobility, and ability to walk again.

Physical Therapy Treats More Than Your Hip Pain


At times, it may not be the hip that is the cause of your pain. The low back and even your sacroiliac joint, also known as your SI joint, may be the source of your hip pain.


That is why it is important to see a Physical Therapist for your pain. We are highly trained in performing full body evaluations and assessments in order to identify and treat the true problem rather than just your symptoms.


Physical Therapists will work with you to not only decrease your inflammation and pain, but to also improve your strength, range of motion, and your ability to perform whatever it is that you love to do!



Physical Therapy is Cost Effective


Most times, Hip Physical Therapy is not only more cost effective, but is overall more effective in helping you to overcome your pain and symptoms when compared to other treatment options.


The cost of Physical Therapy is less than the cost of surgery, long term medication use, and imaging. Also, most health insurances have great Physical Therapy benefits.


So why not try conservative, non-invasive Physical Therapy treatment first?



What to Expect


Your Physical Therapist will assess your hips, low back, pelvis, knees, and ankles by looking at how you are moving, your strength, and your range of motion.


During your appointment we will use many of our different techniques, including highly skilled manual therapy to decrease pain and improve range of motion. We will then provide patient education on how to improve body mechanics and movement patterns. And we will work with you on gait training, balance and coordination training, and ensure we prescribe the appropriate exercises for you to continue to work on these at home.


Everything will be individualized and tailored to your exact goals. Whether you want to run a 5k, be able to go up and down the stairs without pain, or get on the ground to play with your grandkids, your Physical Therapist will keep your goals in mind throughout your treatment.

Why live another day in pain?


Call (215) 947-3443 to schedule your consultation with one of our hip physical therapy specialists today!

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