Direct Access - Action Physical Therapy
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Direct Access

Physical Therapy Without a Prescription.

The sooner your injury can be treated, the faster you can be on your way to recovery. With Direct Access, you are now able to receive physical therapy without a prescription from your physician, saving you precious time that may be crucial to your recovery.

Benefits of Direct Access

Reduce the need for long-term care by providing earlier intervention

The only person in control of your care is you

The less professionals you have to see, the less costs you have to pay

Less time away from work

Eliminate delays that can result in decreased functional outcome

Qualified medical studies show that immediate care for most musculoskeletal injuries can reduce healing time

At Action Physical Therapy, we have Direct Access licensed physical therapists available to help you start treatment immediately. To find out if your insurance participates in Direct Access, please call us at 215-947-3443.
Get a free 30 min screening with one of our therapists now!