Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee PT, DPT

Timothy Lee was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and has wanted to work in health care for as long as he could remember. He graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas with a BS in Psychology and Biology. Due to being raised in the West Coast and attending undergrad in the South, he wanted to pursue his DPT education in the East Coast, which led him to attend High Point University in North Carolina. While at High Point University, Tim was able to work with the underserved community in the Pro Bono Clinic and obtain various clinical experiences ranging from NICU care in the hospital to working with high level athletes in outpatient settings.

By pursuing Physical Therapy, Tim was able to combine his passion for exercise and sports to make a difference in patient’s lives. As a Physical Therapist, I believe that an approach utilizing the biopsychosocial model is imperative in helping a patient overcome their impairments. I am given an opportunity to work with a patient over a prolonged period of time addressing their physical impairments while also realizing the significance of the mind and social components of their lives. While in PT school, a quote that resonated with me was that “if there was a drug that could give people all the benefits of exercise, it would be the #1 selling drug in the world” and I believe that my job as a physical therapist allows me to empower individuals to not only overcome their current symptoms, but to also increase their capacity resulting in being able to do more with their bodies than before. As a PT, I enjoy the complexity of the human body and the fact that not every injury or impairment is the same as it gives me an opportunity to work in unison with my patients to create a tailored treatment program to help them achieve their individual goals.

During Tim’s downtime, he enjoys playing golf or any sporting activity, weightlifting, watching sports (Go Dodgers and Tottenham) and collecting sports cards.


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